My name is Lee Ashcroft. I am a six foot four mammal of the homo-sapiens species. I have two ears and one brain. This is my website, detailing my artistic pursuits since 2004. I hope you find something of interest here.

Dead Air has re-released 8 Track Remind. It's available to order for £20, including free worldwide shipping. Dead Air also has two Live events confirmed. Featured headliners include Jansky Noise and Hong Kong In The 60s. Jansky Noise will be providing a live soundtrack to four games of laser-tag game Megazone in Rayleigh, while Hong Kong In The 60s will be performing on a static lightship in the Colchester docks.

Meanwhile, Dead Air Recordings is currently developing new projects, including an Edison cylinder featuring electro-chanteuse Hypnotique, a bespoke release of the cult LA public access series The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson on DVD and broadcast-standard U-matic video, and a series of audio Tapes. The first tape in the series will feature Bubblegunner associate Dr Dobrovolski.

DJ Cattle Hammer has two forthcoming solo releases. The first is Outdoor dentist, a CD-R/download single, featuring remixes from Sister Mantos, Cock E.S.P. and Alien Hand amongst others. The single, released by Broken Box Records, will be launched on 25 March 2011 at Molly Malones, Colchester. The second is Bovine Tuxedo, an album to be pressed on heavyweight 7" vinyl by Antigen Records. The album is due for release in Q2 2011. Future remixes for Sister Mantos, FUKNO and Fast Lady are also due in 2011.

Za Ginipiggu appears on the new 99-track CD album by American noise group Cock E.S.P., entitled "Historia de la Musica Cock": A Tribute to Experimental Music, 1910-2010. The track is called Night of the Coke Noses and was witten and performed by Emil Hagstrom, Nicole Rode and Za Ginipiggu. The release is available to buy direct from Cock E.S.P. for $8-10.

My latest project for Digital Vomit is Undone, a zine originally conceived by Keith Hic, where artists, writers and musicians are each given a piece of music, and are asked to translate it to a piece of paper. The zine was due in time for No Music Day 2010, on the 21st November, but has been postponed due to technical difficulties.

Work with the Bubblegunner collective continues with the release of the second Fast Lady album, We Ate Rock. I have assisted in planning the 16-track album throughout 2010 and will help to promote the release in 2011. Following on from their appearance on Dead Air Recordings' 8 Track Remind, there are also plans to release a Fatigued Owl album on the new Dead Air Tapes sub-label.

Also on the grapevine... VHS, piano-rolls, a Jansky Noise project about fish, various Digital Vomit releases...