Dead Air Live organises events to promote releases by Dead Air Recordings. In total, including those under different names and those still to come, 50 different artists have been presented across fifteen events.


DAL06 - Saturday 4th June 2011
An evening of naval-gazing

Part 2 in Dead Air Live: Experiments

Hong Kong In The 60s (Ghost Box, Proper Songs)
Hauntological up-and-comers, The Advisory Circle collaborators, Bandcamp best-sellers...
Sons Of Joy
Cliche-free violin duelling
The Doomed Bird of Providence Sin Qua Non (Front & Follow)
Antipodean tales of death and misery
Teterom (Digital Vomit)
Minimalist electronic soundscapes
Calaco (Obsolete Media Objects)
Creating sound to capture silence

@ TS Colne Light Ship, King Edward Quay, The Hythe, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8JB
7:30pm TBC

Dead Air Live is delighted to announce an evening of sonic delights on board the TS Colne Light Ship, permanently stationed on the Colchester Hythe docks. The nature of the venue means there will be several performance spaces, with each act located in a different part of the ship. This will mean ladders and steep staircases, so please exercise caution, and leave your high heels at home. This is Part 1 in Dead Air Live: Experiments, an occasional series of live events in unusual locations. This event is made possible with the support and generosity of Jolian Searles, Commanding Officer Tony Adams and the Colchester Sea Cadets.


DAL06.5 - Thursday 6th July 2011
A Colchester promotions conglomeration

Sandro Perri (Constellation Records)
Mantler (Tomlab/Tin Angel/Blocks Recording Club)
Dead Rat Orchestra (Champion Version)

@ Colchester Arts Centre
Details TBC


DAL07 - July TBA
An evening of lost nostalgia

Hypnotique - single launch for Give Me An England

@ Ronnie's Bar, PJ McGinty's, Ipswich
Details TBC


DAL08 - Saturday 10th September 2011
An evening of noisy folks and folky noises

Fuzzy Lights (Little Red Rabbit)
Mojo and Wire-approved psychedelic reverb drenched noise-folk
Doomsday Apocalypse Special
Return of the semi-local noise-rock enigmas
Schmelfhelp + guest (TBC)
Synthesiser animal costumes from 50% of Aussie girl-duo Kunt
Lost Harbours (Culture As A Dare)
Atmospheric minimal folk and heroes of Southend independent music

@ Slack Space Colchester, 19-29 Queen Street
Free entry
7:30pm TBC


In the pipeline: Kunt And The Gang, Ghost Box



DAL01 - Saturday 5th June 2010
An evening of music, comedy and live art

John Callaghan (Warp Records, Uncharted Audio)
Bittersweet electronic clowning
Big In Albania
Ipswich's premier audio-visual neo-cheese rave fascist
Kelvin & Crease
Up-and-coming comedy duo from Essex via. Macclesfield, currently writing pilots for the BBC and E4
Modal Roberts
Spoken-word ambience with a twisted cylindrical logic and an electric saxophone
Rebecca Wigmore
However uncomfortable you might feel, believe me, she feels worse
Twocsinak (Wrong Music, Clean Cut Records)
Post-ironic stolen melodies and autobiographical words
Jim Tozzi (PFFR)
Very special artwork by the character designer for Wonder Showzen and Xavier Renegade Angel
@ Slack Space Colchester, 19-29 Queen Street


DAL02 - Saturday 3rd July 2010
An afternoon of melancholy

Satire, storytelling and world-class theremin playing - as seen on James May's 20th Century and The Paul O' Grady Show
The Doomed Bird of Providence (acoustic-ish) (Front & Follow)
Anglo-Australian folk tales of death, doom and destruction from the Watson's Front & Follow label
Nathaniel Robin Mann (acapella... sort of) (Dead Rat Orchestra)
animateddog sings... songs that will "stamp, spit and sweetly weave their way into your body"
@ St Martin's Church, West Stockwell Street, Colchester

Also featured the world-premiere of 8 Track Remind.


DAL03 - Friday 27th August 2010
An 8 Track Reminder

A listening party for 8 Track Remind, played back on it's intended format on a vintage Panasonic Dynamite-8 player.
@ V Bar, High Street, Colchester


DAL04 - Saturday 9th October 2010
An evening of noise and rage

Doomsday Apocalypse Special
Legendary local noise-rock enigmas
Doug Bayne (Double The Fist, The Chaser's War On Everything)
Live-action animation hybrid from one angry Australian
Thee Crumb (Digital Vomit)
Like Autechre in a wind tunnel
J.M. Bowers (Onoma Research)
The loudest man in Ipswich
Daniel Merrill and the Flowers of Evil (Dead Rat Orchestra)
Demonic chamber music and ritualistic bow sacrafice
@ Slack Space Colchester, 19-29 Queen Street


DAL05 - Saturday 19th March 2011
An evening of lasertronica

Part 1 in Dead Air Live: Experiments

Jansky Noise (DJ) (Planet Mu, The Leaf Label)
Long-overdue UK "appearance" by the V/Vm enigma
The Abominable Mr Tinkler (Love Love, Bad Sekta)
Butt Road's finest
Keeping Loughborough in industrial-rave since 1997 - first/last ever show!
The Fez! (Love Love, Wrong-Lab)
Colchester's premier exponent of spaz-core
@ Megazone @ The Warehouse Leisure Centre, 7 Brook Road, Rayleigh

Dead Air Live were proud to announce a unique event at The Warehouse Centre Rayleigh, where local and national electronic musicians provided the soundtrack to four sessions of laser-tag game Megazone. This was Part 1 in Dead Air Live: Experiments, an occasional series of live events in unusual locations. The event was supported by Colchester Arts Centre and Culture As A Dare.


DAL was also responsible for a series of events at The Bull Music Room in Colchester, under the banner 'The Flux Capacitor Presents...' There were five shows, between October 2008 and December 2009:

(in alphabetical order)
The Abominable Mr Tinkler / Avec Noir / John Callaghan / Cats Against The Bomb
The Dave Elvis Experience (The X Factor 2007) / DJ Scotch Egg (Load Records, ADAADAT)
Al Duvall (Dual Plover, V/Vm Test Records) / The Fez! / Hissing At Swans
Hooray / Hypnotique / Kunt And The Gang (x3) / Nit Nurse (x2) / Pilchard / Pindown
Rev Simpkins / Wendy Solomon / Sycamore Smith

DAL also co-promoted a show at The Cambridge Arms in Colchester, in collaboration with Love Love Records, to promote Digital Vomit. The show was on Saturday 21st April 2007 and featured, in running order:

Scorpio Scorpio
(Sunwarped Records, Digital Vomit)
Cats Against The Bomb
Big In Albania
The Fez!
(didn't play due to broken laptop)
+ Mick The Hippy's Ostensibly Krautrock Disco