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Dead Air is primarily an experiment in releasing music.

Established at the end of 2009, Dead Air Recordings aims to specialise in the release of brand new music in limited editions of so-called "extinct" audio formats. As digital media, the continuing rise of the MP3 and the ethics of a profit-or-die music industry suck the soul out of music, DAR brings recorded music back to its roots, celebrating the formats time, listeners and the industry forgot, operating entirely on the tightest of margins.

DAR's first release, 8 Track Remind, a compilation released on 8-track cartridge, was released in August 2010. This will be followed in the first half of 2011 with an Edison cylinder release featuring electronic songwriter Hypnotique and a unique home-release of David Liebe Hart's legendary public-access show The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson. There are further plans to release new music on MiniDisc, VHS and piano-roll.

As part of the promotion of these releases, Dead Air Live will showcase the featured artists in a live music environment. One forthcoming event puts live music into a static lightship at the Colchester, Essex docks.

Following on from a suggestion by Al Duvall, Dead Air Tapes will showcase a wide variety of musical talents on audio cassette. The first tape will be a split between Al Duvall and Rev Simpkins.

There are also plans to expand Dead Air to produce original films and videos, though this is a longer-term project.