DJ Cattle Hammer - Bovine Tuxedo
Antigen Records, Q2 2011 TBC, 7" album
Tracklisting TBA

DJ Cattle Hammer - Outdoor dentist
Broken Box Records, 25 March 2011, CD-R/digital single
Featuring original hand-painted artwork by Laura Rumbold
Featuring remixes by Alien Hand, Cock E.S.P., Henry Collins, Kid Krusher, Machine Rock, Neon Sewer, Phuq and Sister Mantos (full tracklist TBC). Preview below.


Fast Lady - Unsheathed & Penetrated
El Perro Rojo (EPR001), 6 December 2010, digital maxi
1) Guns Women N Bikes
2) Oradoh the Horse
3) Poontang
4) Shaven
5) Penetrator
6) Penetrator (Mockstar Remix)
7) Penetrator (DJ Cattle Hammer Remix) (preview below)
8) Guns Women N Bikes (Primemoverremix)

"DJ Cattle Hammer adds a crazy take on “Penetrator”, its jumbled results somehow making sense" - Manchester Music

Available from iTunes:
Release: £6.32
Track: 79p

Sister Mantos - Ladyboy
Mother Popcorn, 2011 TBC, 12" single
Featuring DJ Cattle Hammer Lager, Gin & Tonic and Bailey's Remix (preview below)

FUKNO - Live Studio Mess
Digital Vomit, 2011 TBC, free digital album
Featuring DJ Cattle Hammer FUKYEH Mix


Antigen Sampler
Antigen Records, October 2010, promo CD-R

10) DJ Cattle Hammer - The Bedford Downs Syndrome
12) DJ Cattle Hammer - Besmirched her face

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